Monday, February 13, 2012

lovebug humbug.

I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day. I mean, I've usually had a significant other to share it with, but it's never really pulled at my heart like say, Christmas, or a birthday, or my favorite, 4th of July. I usually attribute this to the fact that I hate the color red (I know, odd right? but I'm working on it), hate roses (spent all of V-Day last year selling the blasted things- hence the sign), I'm not HUGE on chocolate, and I don't really have an appreciation for the 'heart' shape in general. I prefer angular, geometric shapes if you were wondering.

But regardless, I must say I am immensely grateful for my perma-valentine. He's awesome. And if I could pick anyone to be dis-interested in celebrating a not-so-relevant-to-myself holiday with, it'd be him.  So if anyone wins a prize for causing my Grinchy heart to grow a little bit toward this holiday, it's Andrew.

Last year when I was a bit down in the dumps, and craving to fulfill some of my maternal instincts, he oh so kindly let me adopt puppy number two...

And although said puppy turned out to be a HUGE adjustment (not unlike you human mothers with human babies out there), and even though the pup falls under the category of a "daddy's boy" ...I wouldn't change it for the world. I love that fat, shedding, farty Hippo of mine. And I thank boyfriend for speaking to MY heart, in ways that it loves, rather than feeding it the gamble chocolates. He's a keeper.

So now I share with you a glimpse of what melted my heart just 1 year ago this holiday, on the very day we brought our boy home.

Consider it my gift to you, this Valentine's Day. (;

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