Thursday, January 26, 2012

sea foam & brass.

It's been a while since I've been inspired. Sad, but true. Hawaii kick started me back on track, and Pinterest always helps me along, but for whatever reason an early morning rendezvous with boyfriend and some friends to Half Moon Bay, with Birdie in tow, this morning brought me back.  Something about the dense, white, foggy air was peaceful and mysterious. Sort of clearing in an odd way. And it got my creativity flowing. Anyway, if I were to buy beach front property in the misty coastal haze in Half Moon Bay TODAY, it would involve the following...


1. twin fin for the wall (& sharky waters) 2. ocean tonal geometric fabric 3. the worlds dreamiest wave architecture 
4. brass casters 5. beautifully designed bubble bath (TokyoMilk) 6. elm bowls 7. brass & aqua pendant
*all found here.

PS. Can it be summer already? 
The crisp air is refreshing, but I want a warm breeze & full trees!


McKenzie King said...

ay, ay, ay!!!


sarah savage said...

love that sea foam color. and those bowls are so freakin cool! i want some!! giveaway...? ;)

sarah savage said...

also... i just gave you a silly little award over on my blog for valentine's day. check it out!