Friday, March 18, 2011

house proud.

I watch the Nate Berkus Show. And about a month ago he featured this flawlessly beautiful home. I about poo'd my pants in envy!! IT'S MY DREAM HOME!! Alas, if only I could purchase a home, I would mimic so many things about this place! There are SO many things going on with it that are PERFECT. I would move in tomorrow. I'M OBSESSED.

twin beds as 'sectional'
nautical-esque guest room
white wood floors (i will have these)
texture galore!
tracked scrapwood door (i will also have this)
natural & modern dining/loft
Fitzhugh & Lyndsay's Brooklyn Home

I'm sold. I honestly will use this as my blueprint for the place we call our own.
Can't wait.


Emily M. said...

i agree that this house is absolutely amazing. my fav is that wooden door! and ps. i'm layin off the sprite because of carbonation and sugar... both of which do not do good things to my lady-like figure :)

Lacey said...

I love white designs--gorgeous! And I love your blog design! I should pay you to design my blog! :) Oh and how's darling Hippo?

featherfactor said...

Love all the shots you posted of this amazing home! I love all the white + natural wood. Beautiful..