Thursday, March 17, 2011

fifth & hazel..

As a thank you for reading for the last few years, or for popping in as a newbie.. I'm hosting a giveaway! Or a 'giftaway' as I like to call them, of a set of Fifth & Hazel thank you cards! Fifth & Hazel is a graphic design company owned by Melanie Burk. She has EVERYTHING for all of your design needs.. posters, greeting cards, postcards, logos, websites and so on!

And goodness is she talented.

Here's how to enter to win a set of "the stache" thank you cards:
(one of my fav's!)

1. Leave a comment. Any will do. Just make it interesting. (;
2. Follow this here blog and get a SECOND entry.
3. Receive EVEN MORE entry opportunities by blogging, tweeting, & facebook status'ing it up..

((be sure to leave additional comments if you're shooting for numbers 2. & 3.))

**must live in the United States to enter. Hawaiian friends included. (:

The giftaway ends Wednesday the 23rd at 12:00am.
Best of luck to you!



Lindsay Teter said...

oh air girlfriend you know i love me a stache! what a cute little giveaway. i'll even wear it on my head if i get it. :)

now i wanna meet hippo!!

The QuietRopes said...

This is me standing on my wobbly computer chair, both hands stretched in the air, PICK ME PICK ME!!!!
I already am a follower of your FABULOUS blog.

Kelsey said...

i could definitely use some thank you cards. :)
i already follow you
and i'm totally mentioning this on one or maybe both of my bloggies.
thanks friend!

kelsie rae. said...

love your designs :)
kelsieraec at gmail dot com

Joanna said...

Air, you are one of the funnest cousins to keep up with. I love your eye for design- maybe someday you could come and help me decorate (believe me I need it)!!!
I would use one of my thank you cards to thank you for making my home beautiful :)

Francesca said...

I love thank you cards! Those cards remind me of moustaches we sell at Party City during Halloween.

Carissa Rasmussen said...

Of course I follow your awesome blog! You have such a strong voice! I love how the staches are coming back--think your boyfriend could sport one? (heaven knows mine can't:))

Nicole said...

It really doesn't get any better than mustache thank you cards!

Nicole Christensen said...

im friends with Melanie, and i recently learned that you guys are related!? i love it!