Monday, March 21, 2011

ocean dweller.

Can you tell mother ocean & the color blue have been completely absorbing my thoughts/creativity non-stop the last few weeks? Ok months. It's taken over the vibe of my front room as of January..and I don't even mind. I can't get enough, I'm DIGGING it. So enjoy some more water inspired finds, from yours truly.
1. & 3. Roost oil lamp & fish cutting boards 2. Anthropologie coasters 4. Driftwood Interiors paintings
Etsy seafoam mosaic tile 6. UO anchor charm 7. Romo Mimas wallpaper

And yes, I am secretly a mermaid.
Secret's out.


PS. Enter my giftaway here! (:


Erin said...

um, ME TOO!!

I've been searching and pulling stuff off the web into a folder on my computer!

Our new place is going to REEK of OCEAN!

flexMD said...

SHHH!!! Stop telling people our secrets! Soon everyone will know we aren't human and we will have to leave or princes or make them into mermen!