Sunday, February 20, 2011


Guys, it's probably annoying to some of you how much I love me some Mexico.. but I can't help myself! And right now, given the current weather outside... well, I'm REALLY itching to get down there. I miss it so much! The culture, the food, the colors, the patterns, and of course.. the OLAS! The photo below on the left is a Flickr find of Rosarito (a city just north of my parent's beach shack).. and it nails so much of what I love about Baja.

1.Talavera Emporium dolphin 2.Mexican glass blue cobalt rim tumbler 3.Talavera tiles
Mexican blankets 5.Stone-washed twill Toms

PS. I actually own some classic cobalt rim glasses and I wouldn't have it any other way. Viva Mexico!

PPS. Countdown to bringing home Hippo = 13 days!!


Lindsay R said...

Oooh I love the baja feel! Makes me want to eat fish tacos. And congrats on Hippo! I was dying while watching your video... an absolutely adorable pup. Post pics/video asap when she comes.
p.s. is Bird going to be jealous with the new one around?

Lacey said...

I love the feel of this collage! I want to go to Mexico! The snow is starting to wear on me!