Monday, February 28, 2011




...we just love him! Andrew is smitten. He is just so much fun. A ball of sharp nibbles, clumsy struts, and endless naps ...and we wouldn't have it any other way! Ok, so I could go without the interrupted nights (up 3/4ish times a night with this bugger). Yeah, 'non dog people' don't realize that getting a puppy is like giving birth to a human baby, they gotta go potty all night long, too. And sometimes they're thirsty. And sometimes they get up and wont go back to sleep. So basically my first born wont be my first run around if you know what I'm sayin. But yeah, definitely not my favorite part considering I worship sleep from 12am-11am. It's definitely mildly brutal, but hey.. at least I knew what I was getting myself into. In other news, he's embracing potty training so well it's blowing my mind. Well sure he has accidents because he's not used to holding it in (that plus the fact that he's probably storing urine in his VEINS), but he totally knows that outside is for going potty ALREADY, and does it quick and even blesses us with double duties. Fur baby owners know that THAT right there is a golden ticket.

More importantly, how's Bird you ask? Well we knew it'd be a rough transition for the girl. She can be a diva, but we already knew that.. so we were preparing for the worst. Day 1- Excitement. Day 2/3- Jealously & annoyance (she didn't like that he wanted to 'nurse' on her, and eat her tail, alas he has never seen one before!), Day 4- Depression & hiding. Day 5/6- Acceptance & light playfulness. HALLELUJAH! We're still expecting set backs, but as for right now they're totally co-existing well, and mildly enjoying each other. Hippo likes Bird, but Bird is so not a fan of his sharp little teeth, but she has been realizing that she can be feisty back to an extent and make it fun.

So there you have it in a nut shell. Off I go to get a couple hours of sleep before his cuteness/fatness/feistiness wakes me up again.

Worth it.
GG, you'll love him.


Lindsay Teter said...

AGH i love him!! i need to meet hippo. cute that bird gets a bit jealous. weezy is totally the spoiled dog and the other dogs are so old they hate it. they definitely compete for attention.. it's cute. i hope hippo starts sleeping through the night!!

[olive ewe] said...

i need one! he is the def of precious.

Tressa said...

Oh my gosh! He is so adorable and fluffy I want to die! But seriously, I want a bulldog someday.

Tisha said...

So adorable! I'm so glad they are getting along. :)

Lacey said...

SO JEALOUS! He is sooooo precious!!! And I am so happy bird is getting along with him!! Isn't taking care of a little baby fatty so much fun?! :)

Eric Monroe said...

Great pictures. I like the one of Birdie keeping an eye on him.

Erin Jane said...

love the new blog look! and sooooo incredibly jealous of those doggies! both of them. can't wait till we can have one of our own!