Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gloomy & Rosey.

I have never really been a fan of roses (the flower in real life that is) but when it comes to design, I actually love their timelessness, and touch of whimsy. If roses came in that soft pale blue, or black.. sign me up for a dozen. (:

1-3. Watelet wallpaper by Designers Guild 4. UO faded rose rug 5. AT painted jar DIY
Zoya dovima polish 7. 18Karat marble bowls 8. Free People rose tights


Emily Marchant said...

i'm with you on this 100%. interesting to like the pattern but not the real thing, but totally true. i also have that UO rug and love it. and, i also love these little story boards you put together. what software do you use? photoshop?

Kelsey and Riley said...

i was gonna ask the same question as emily...what program do you use? this particular board is one of my faves. soo yum.

Arica said...

hi friends. i taught myself how to use inkscape. it's comparable to illustrator. i said to heck with needing a graphic designer for anything i have a vision for myself. (: