Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thought of You.

Animation can be magical. And make you cry. And touch parts of your soul that you want to be touched.

This one does it.

One of Andrew's program instructors made this short, and He's worked in the 'industry' as a story board artist for a long time and BYU snagged him up to teach a few years ago.. because he GETS.IT.

You will love it. Watch it a 100 times. So worth it.

And if dancing makes you feel things inside that you can't describe, then this is for you. Next time I see him I will have to tell him how truly amazing it is. You should too. Go leave him comments. Unreal.


And THAT is one of the reasons why Andrew loves what he does.


T.RIPPY said...

this really is so so beautiful

Justin said...

Wow! Amazing! Thanks for sharing this, Arica. I'm thinking this video should be submitted to FOX Network. They could use it on one of their reality shows...e.g., So you think you can dance, etc.