Saturday, December 4, 2010


If you wonder why I haven't blogged in a jillion years it's because I have ZERO spare minutes (that's a lie, I just found a few to do this one). But you get the idea. After a wonderful Thanksgiving break at home, a sinus infection, and a full load of final projects going on.. I usually need to use these minutes for a shower (those have been rare lately as well.. sorry friends who walk in my stench).

Anyway, all I've been able to think about is French Rococo design, fauteuils, the Henry's, ormolu, Robert Adam and so on (this list in my brain is about 100 items long, kill me now).. so after Christmas I'll have more time to talk about my silly nothings.

Oh yeah, we've been planning on adopting another four legged child. Originally for Christmas, but now he'll have to join the family after we both graduate in April. Can't wait. We love english bulldogs... more than you know.

via Corbis
Cheers for now.


Kelsey and Riley said...

oh my gosh. what riley would do for an english bull dog!! please get one so we can see him and increase our need for one. :)
p.s.-good luck with the last 2 weeks!!! you can do it.

Heather Lee said...

I am so jealous that you're in interior design school. I think I'll attend one day. Kind of like how you'll have braces one day:) I never had them, but then I made the smart decision to let my wisdom teeth grow in and totally ruin my teeth. So now I want them. I wouldn't mind braces, but I've already had some kids at church ask if I'm a "grown-up" in a pretty disbelieving I think I'd be self conscious with two kids and metal-face. I'll wait until invisiline is an option. I can't wait to see more of your projects!