Monday, November 22, 2010


I've been meaning to share more of my drawings.. So here they are. (:
(click to enlarge, and enjoy in their full glory!)

Neptune Statue

Urban Courtyard

Alberto Sectional

And my favorite so far...
The Bedroom

I've made all of these up completely, and the process can be stressful at times, but when I get down to rendering them in the end, I always find myself enjoying what I'm doing. So I guess that means I like to draw. (:


Michelle said...

The neptune drawing is AMAZING!!! Way to go Air, I'm so impressed :)

Erin said...

air--these are AMAZING!!!!! I never knew you had such TALENT! there you go again, amazing the crap out of me!!!!

ps. i miss you. will you be in ca for xmas? i will. and i want to seeeeeeee you!

Rachel said...

You were born to be an interior designer. I love the drawings!

Justin said...

Of course... The Bedroom had to have a picture of surfing waves. What room wouldn't be complete without a reference to the beach. :) You're amazing! As soon as I'm super rich in the next few years, we are calling you to design our home and yard!

Val Murphy said...

Very nice work...when I one day buy a house...I'm calling YOU!