Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Clock'n It.

I want this clock! I've been wanting one like it for some time now. I'm not a fan of the one we have in our front room, so if anyone can find this one for me somewhere, that'd be awesome.

and the chandeliers..
and the mantle..
the chairs..
the table....

Give me this room, and I'll love you forever.

**update: i've found the clock!! and it'll be in my posession shortly! HORRAH!


Kelsey and Riley said...

love your new layout!!

Chelsie + Shawn said...

This room is sooooo dreamy. I want everything! (:

Alex Monroe said...

That is a pretty sweet clock and pretty much everything else in that room. But, even if I don't get any of it for you, you're sort of obligated to love me forever anyway. Eternal family, remember? Haha. I love you.