Sunday, November 7, 2010

Plates Galore.

Guys. I LOVE PLATE WALLS!! One of the seemingly silly little designs I'm excited about doing when owning my own home someday is simply to put a plate wall in my dining room, or even the kitchen. Heck, maybe over the fireplace. Basically we might end up eating from the dishes hanging on every wall in our house.

Oh man, here are some reasons why I love them so...

You can be colorful.

You can be refined yet dramatic.
You can use just a few.. or build gradually.

You can focus on pattern.

You can focus on shape & depth.

You can group them in tight corners.

You can hang them in whatever direction you choose.

You can use them to unite spaces.

You can mix old with new. You can be organic or use symmetry. You can spread them out or keep them close. You can be comical or timeless.

Basically.. there's no wrong way to arrange one, and the key is in the selection.
Advice: Make it YOU.
I can't wait to make one ME. (:


Anonymous said...

Love the idea - will definitely try! Can you give any advice on how to decorate a red brick fireplace mantle? Just moved into a cottage and don't know what colors/items to put with it. Thanks!

Erin Jane said...

love this post. makes me want to try it right now!

Tisha said...

Thanks for the post girl! Those are some great designs for sure!

Jessica said...

That is such a cute idea that can be done with very little money! I think I'm going to do that on my dining room wall! I love it!