Thursday, July 1, 2010


My friends.... (said like the fake John McCain from SNL during the townhouse debate skit, you know the one)...

GOOD, no HEAVENLY NEWS. As some of you know, Mother Spider is NO MORE. It was sprayed, prodded, and forced from its home in a liquid casket of extra death spray. The evil lair is gone forever as is the resident, and we couldn't be happier. In addition, we sprayed the exterior of the apartment (near the front & back door as well as the window and any suspicious looking crannies). I have since been sleeping better and have yet to see a mini mother.

So you can all sleep better now knowing that we are. (:

Things have been great around here. Although at times it doesn't feel like we've done much.. we really have.. so for reminiscing purposes and the memories and whatnot, here's a list:

- Seattle Sounders game
- Seattle temple
- Sculpture park
- downtown Bellevue
- Waverly beach
- Pike's Place Market (closed, but still entertaining)
- Hard Rock Cafe
- Woodland Park Zoo (CRAZY HUGE Orangutans!)
- Friday night at Crossroads
- Old & Elegant hardware store (fascinating & worthy of noting for Design purposes)
- Snoqualmie Falls

Various other activities include but are not limited to BBQing it up with other Microsoft friends, a visit to the Harborview Hospital for our friends daughter (who is doing very well.. nearly 100%, thank goodness!), brunch & visits with my cousin Melissa, Eclipse at the Gold Class Cinema with Melissa (decent film, but premium 'dinner & movie' date spot, so worth it.. DO IT), walks with Turdling around our condo complex, watching sunsets through the pine trees, Toy Story 3 (very noteworthy), driving the 90 & 520 bridges to Seattle (not sure why, but I LOVE THIS probably the most), playing Castle Crashers on our borrowed Xbox for the summer (we're seriously dominating for not even being 'gamers'), and loving our new Netflix situation and the endless Office episodes (Andrew is officially caught up and can't believe all he never knew). Oh and as a celebration for doing my homework I treat myself to several episodes of Friday Night Lights and am now caught up. Good show. Did I mention Netflix + Hulu = awesome?! Who needs cable these days, just hook up your computer to the tv.

So basically even though the sun hasn't been shining a whole lot since we've been here, we've had a pretty dang good time and a descent 'Seattle' experience if you asked me (Mother Spider aside). It makes me look forward to our life when Andrew's no longer in school. 2 more semesters and we're home free! But for now, we're going to enjoy each new day.. because we're getting pretty good at that. (:

So enjoy your 4th of July weekend. I know I will. I love this holiday. I love my man. I love the freedom I've had to do all of the amazing thing listed above. I have my Founding Fathers, nation, military, and most of all God to thank for that. I love this country.

God bless America.
And goodnight. (:


Ashley said...

Wow, impressive! You've done a lot of things I've never done still and I've been here more than 3 years now! I've been dying to try out Gold Class Cinemas one of these days. And I love driving over those bridges to Seattle too, they're just gorgeous!

We need to get together! Soon!

Kelsey and Riley said...

if we ever get internet in our home we are totally doing the netflix / hulu thing. genius!! i'm so glad to hear you're having such a wonderful time up there. are you taking internet classes?