Wednesday, April 14, 2010

School's Out

{via Decor8's flickr}

My first semester of design school is DONE. I can hardly believe how fast it went! It was crazy busy and so much fun! And I did some BOMB projects and learned SO MUCH! It's been so amazing to do something I feel so much passion for. (:

Now cheers to a much needed break full of naps, treats, and sunshine!

Happy EARLY weekend!

Design friends.. now you can breathe. (:


Kelsey and Riley said...

yaaay!!! i can't believe it's already over, it flew by! but it is SO time for a break. and yes, you did some bomb projects fer sher. loved your final color board!

Francesca said...

Wow, that did go by fast! I'm glad you're enjoying school (or most of it, anyway).

Megan said...


I need a close up of that bed...#15. We're downsizing (teardrop) to a queen and I'm thinking of how to do the non-existent headboard. I think with some creativity, we could do something like me. :)