Monday, April 12, 2010

'Gail & Dale

So my little knock out, dixie livin, soccer sister is in love...

..I can't believe it, but I am SO HAPPY FOR HER!
Lucky for you, we like your man. (;

{photo credit: my kickin mother}

PS. Happy finals week. (:

**Alas, his name is Jesse.. but I've decided to use his middle name for rhyming purposes.
[It also will be what I call him forever more]
And also.. the engagement is pending...
My father has been busy with church/work/CABO SAN LUCAS for much longer than they would like..
So stay tuned for that.


Ashley said...

people are going to think his name's dale.

Erin said...

are they engaged??

felonymelanie said...

yay!!! so excited for them... and also excited that you are out of school! We can play again!!