Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Official..

{photo via flickr}

My amazingly talented Andrew was offered an internship at Microsoft!
He flew out for an interview this week, and they couldn't wait a day to tell him they want him back. (:

..and we're SO EXCITED!!

That means the xbox 360's going to become our new best friend.
And it also means we'll be gone from Provo again all summer (May till August).
And it ALSO means we're going to have an AMAZING adventure!
Wheew.. time to take a quick breather, and then start packing, t-minus 4 weeks!

..Seattle, here we come!

PS. Can I just tell you how excited I'll be to be near an ocean again!? Oh my gosh. Do you see all that water up there!? I know it's not a surfer's best friend, but it's within DRIVING DISTANCE. Good ol' SALTY WATER! Oh and not to mention, a trip to Forks anyone?

Now, we get to find housing out there. Seattle friends & family.. keep your eyes peeled!

Oh and if anyone has Seattle in's and out's they wanna share, we want to hear all of it. We've stepped into the unknown and would love your two cents of what to do, where to be, all the goods and so forth.

(can you tell I'm a little giddy?)

PS. Boyfriend, you're a stud. I've been telling you that hard work would pay off. (:


Francesca said...

Congratulations! I'm sure Ashley Hofer Veater would love to be your personal travel consultant!

Carissa Rasmussen said...

We were in Seattle last summer for an internship too an absolutely loved it:) I would look for apartments in Redmond ridge which is near the Microsoft campus and the cheapest are about 950/month, but they're really nice. We might move to Snoqualmie next summer so I've scouted out places there. It's SUPER nice and close to redmond but cheaper than living in Redmond. Anyway, I did housing research in the Seattle area for about 8 months before we moved there so let me know any speific questions. Just shoot me an email:)

Kelsey and Riley said...

this is so exciting! like i said before...seattle is my favorite. definitely visit the down town museums and of course the space needle. seattle beaches are gorgeous! take a ferry ride or two. or three. visit the troll underneath the bridge. go to mt. st. helens. and mt. reiner. oh my goodness there are so many options! and yes, please do go to forks because i wanna hear all about it! :) we'll miss you summer semester!

Lissy said...

Congratulations! That is super exciting! He totally deserves it - his stuff rocks :)

Janell said...

I'm so excited for you two and can't wait to read your post about Forks.... ha ha! You are very blessed to have such a talented and hard-working husband. Keep it up Andrew! :)

Jason and Kelly said...

Oh my goodness luck you guys! You will LOVEEE seattle so much. You probably don't remember but thats where my family is from. Redmond- the actual home of Microsoft. Its fantastic there. YOu should look up my sister and be friends. She lives in Kirkland which is like 5 min from Redmond, 15 from seattle. Man, and seattle summers are thee best. You need to find people with ski boats to be friends with. Surfing isn't really big up there, but wakeboardin/waterskiing is. Its a fun place to be! I'm jealous! Congrats!

Amy Marie said...

You will be closer to Chrissy!!! YAY for that. I'm excited for yall!

Lauren and Cal said...

I'm so happy for the both of you!! But also angry...I will miss you too much and that makes me sad. I want to hear all your stories. :)

Holly and Matthew said...

WOHOOOO!!! CONGRATS!!!! :) My brother in law has been with Microsoft for about 4 years now! :) My brother in law, sis and their family live in Seattle area and we are actually here visiting them. :)

Matt and I actually moved to Washington (Tri Cities area) because Matt is working for Lockheed Martin. I think you will love it out here! ;) GOOD LUCK!! ;)