Monday, August 17, 2009

Northward Ho

We're home now.. and couldn't be happier. (:
I've forgotten how much I love Provo in the summer, it's gorgeous outside. I'm on the hunt for work, and Andrew is just plugging away getting his portfolio going as much as possible before school starts. Other than that, we're just playing and enjoying what's left of the sun!
Cheers, friends. Now, go grab yourself some frozen yogurt.
Happy Monday!


Cassie said...

Do you guys live in the BYU 5th ward?? That's the ward we lived in when we were still going to BYU. We LOVED it.

Ashley Smith said...

I love Provo in the summer too. You don't get sweet summertime rainstorms here like you do there. We miss you though! This summer was a good preview of years to come!

Kjrsten said...

i love provo, and all of it's fro yo everywhere.