Wednesday, August 12, 2009


(please ignore the salty blood-shot eyes, thanks)

Oh, how we will miss this place. Tomorrow we head back to our little home in Utah. There are both pro's & con's to this. So I've made up a list or two for you to understand..

*Oh, how I've missed The Pizza Factory
*I can't wait to have the Provo Forever 21, & the Orem Target
(they're just better for some reason)
*I've missed Costa Vida
*I've missed taking Birdie to the park
*I've missed cooking Andrew simple dinners in our tiny kitchen
*I miss driving through the canyon
*I've missed Gardner Village
*I miss going to movies more often, all thanks to a dollar theater
*I miss eating at Zupas
*Abby's in St. George! ROAD TRIPS!
*I missed my friend Kels' baby girl being born, how exciting it will be to meet her!

etc, etc.. Notice, Utah has lots of good food.. and I miss that.
(Yes, I'm aware it's in exchange for good Mexican food, but that's something I've gotten plenty of this summer!)

*I will miss my family!
*I will miss the beach.. surfing has been soo good to me this summer!
*I will miss Beckett, I'll have to retrain him who his favorite auntie is later..
*I'll miss the Mexican food (previously mentioned, but worth a second mentioning)
*I'll miss downtown
*I'll miss the palm trees
*I'll miss working at Spa Gregories.. Hands down the best spa I've worked at
*I'll miss the moisture
*I'll miss Nikki friend's baby girl being born! (I keep missing these things!)

Anyway.. the lists go on and on. So for someone who doesn't love Utah, I sure seem to like it quite a bit. Or more so, the little life we have there. We're excited to head back, but even more than that, we're grateful for the wonderful stay we've had here in sunny San Diego, and for one of the best summers we've both ever had. (:

Farewell, beautiful city & people..
Hello, sweet little place we live.


Francesca said...

There are a lot of things I miss about Utah too and that I didn't realize I missed until I actually left.

But nothing beats San Diego.

Ashley said...

Utah seriously has awesome food, you are right!!! In Provo, I also miss Tucano's, Brick Oven, and Los Hermanos.