Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's True

...it is.
It's been quite the battle, this accepting process. But I finally feel it. Yes, it's been two years in the making, but my heart has finally grown fond of this land. Andrew and I have made this little place in Utah, our home. I missed it while we were away, and I feel good to be in it, and I feel like I can continue to make it our own. And that feels good. Almost as good as being with Mother Ocean. This is a huge step considering I used to break down and cry and feel lonely in this place. The very place that brings comfort to me now. Of course it's lacking in a few simple and important aspects, like family and said beach, but other than that.. it's darn near perfect for us. So I'll take it. Granted, I wont raise children here (don't worry, we're not going to get into that here and now), and I probably wont ever claim this state (sorry, I'm baby stepping, and I love my roots too much..) but it's a start.. and a happy one at that. Because truly, it's only the beginning for us. I feel like Ty Pennington should come greet us as if we've won a whole new start and say to us..
"Welcome home, Young family... welcome home."

Thanks, Ty. And thank you Provo for being nice to me even when I wasn't so accepting. Can we start over?
Thanks. (:

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