Friday, April 17, 2009

Urban Lady

Say hello to my future birthday present..

I think mint green (#2) is my favorite.. I still have a little time to make sure.
I imagine when we meet, I will know...
Stoked to walk out of the store with it though, all thanks to a San Diego location. (:

{via Beach Bikes}


Andrew said...

Can I get it for you babe? I owe you big time. Let me get it for you.

Love you,


Michelle said...

Wait, last time I looked, you lived in Pootah...this bike needs the waves crashing around it to work properly!
: ) It also needs a surf board rack on the side to be properly equipped for the Arica-and possibly a ringing bell!

shelly said...

I've been eyeing those myself! I really, really want one.

Nikki Nielsen said...

ahh i've been telling greg for a year now that i dream of a mint green beach cruiser. pale yellow is my second choice. lets be friends.