Saturday, April 18, 2009


Bird! Let's go tandem surfing! Haha.. yeah right, she'd freak out and jump first thing. Although, yes.. she loves water (if it's warm), she doesn't like being forced to do things. Like roll on a skateboard, and most likely being put on the nose of a longboard. A girl can dream though right?

Maybe someday we'll get her out there.. but for now, my real job will be getting andrew out there, and getting him to feel more comfortable in water rather than his preference of concrete. We'll see, the dang sting rays tend to freak him out.. but we'll find a way to get passed that. If he watches enough surf flicks, it's BOUND to get to him eventually. (:

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alexismunoadyer said...

someday... sigh.

that would be so rad if we can get her to stick.

Let's try it! Come over and play with me the week of the 9th or so..