Sunday, April 19, 2009


My looker of a man is having a birthday today!
Today marks 25 years..

Happy birthday boyfriend!

...I love you. <3


The Stokes Family said...

Happy BDAY Andrew!!! Love the Stokes Fam!

Tyson and Lauren Davies said...

I had no idea that he was as old as me! well I have a few weeks till 25 but I did not know. BIRTHDAYS are awesome especially when one can rent a car and not get fees tackled on...just a hint we're getting older!

Have fun celebrating

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Andrew Son!!! Wow..25, you are getting old! : ) Have a great day. Much love from all of us here in sunny CA! See ya the end of next week some time-travel safe. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

alexismunoadyer said...

feliz cumple and good luck with finals!

one more week to SD!

Ashley Lisonbee said...

Happy B day my brother Drew. Hope your day was great. . .I'm sure Arica did wonders for you. We love and miss you around. I will send your gift to Ca. since it seems hard to see you before you leave, have a great time.