Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pretty Please

Oh Elle Decor, you inspire and create dreams in me that wont be achieved for years..
That puts us in a love/hate relationship.

For now, I LOVE YOU..
..and I want this room SO BADLY!


Erin and Aaron said...

ohhh! i LOVE this. LOVE it. lets get a coldasac (spelling??) together and decorate our houses and be crafty together?? deal? deal.

Monroes said...

That would be so easy to make, and yes, it is sooo cute! D.I. for the old bathroom cabinet and old shutter, and then some random frames, pearls and lace - Wahla! You should email this picture to missy and it could be our next "missy michelle" project when i come up. She's good at finding stuff like that.
love ya, mom