Saturday, November 8, 2008


I have noticed a few things lately.

First, Utahn's do NOT like when you're driving in front of them, and are SLOWING to the red light. It's true, I've had many a people waste a gallon of gas to pass me before the light, assuming I'll take off at the light just as slow. How about I'm just not WASTING gas on my way to a red light.. ?

Second, I had my first experience seeing local humans 'raking leaves.' Yes, many of you are probably thinking, well goodness.. people rake leaves EVERYWHERE! Not in San Marcos they don't! Well, not that I've seen anyway. Since the leaves fell non stop all week, it seems only logical to rake and blow leaves the following Saturday. Hence, the raking of leaves today. It was surreal to watch. Call me a weirdie, but I was amazed.

Third, I have learned to try to avoid running errands during BYU home games at all cost. Odds are, you'll make your way around through INTENSE traffic, if you're even moving at all. Apparently I forgot this already learned information, when I embarked on a few errands today. Lesson, re-learned.

That's all for now!
Hope you're Saturday's been swell.. :)


Ashley said...

Ohhh yeah I remember all that insane traffic during the BYU games! By all means, stay home unless you're actually going to the game!!

The Wattson Family said...

It's surreal what happens in places that have seasons isn't it?? Where do you get your graphics for your header? Very cute. And of course I remember you. How can I forget anyone in Scram Marcos TOV ward??? I peeked in on your blog a couple weeks back and I thought I left a comment... about your dog named birdie! Great name:)