Sunday, November 9, 2008


In celebration of the return of Lance Johnson from Mexico (Glad to have you back Lanceypoo!), I would like to post one of his creations. He is a film student at BYU-I, and he made this music video the summer before he left. Just for kicks.

I bring to you.. "Move Along"
Staring Ashley (Monroe) Smith, & Arica (Monroe) Young
Also featuring Steve White
With a special guest appearance by Sheba

Enjoy the silliness!


The Stokes Family said...

Haha! I remember that video -- Pretty funny!

Erin and Aaron said...

i will have you know that everytime I hear this song I can not help but picture this video. And you on a roof top swinging your arms around to A LOONNGGGGG!! and the side step river dance. HA.