Monday, November 10, 2008


We don't have one, but I wanted one.
So I went out and bought one of those simulated DVD's.
It even comes with optional background Christmas music!
Photo found on Flickr

I'm going to reap the benefits right NOW..
--music and all! :)


Cameron and Lindsay Rondo said...

haha.. i saw these dvd's at Bed Bath and Beyond and I got the puppy love one!!! Haha.. you can sit for hours and watch puppies play on your t.v. screen. The fireplace one would be perfect though for the holidays!


double date sounds grand! boogers and all :) thats funny that he remembers that. It actually isn't a passtime.. i think i have a problem. thats okay right?


aren't fire places the best! That is one thing I MUST have when I grow old. Nothin quite like it!

Heather Lee said...

excuse the random comment...but I saw your blog from Rachel's and thought I'd take a gander. I sort of have a rule that if I look at someone's blog, I must leave an "I've been here" tag ie. comment. I don't feel too bad for the blog "stalk" seeing as you post about current events, Elle Decor, and the like. I went to high school with Andrew and will credit your blissful wedding dancing to well...some of our social dance practice. You two are much better dancers though. Anyway, love your blog, and LOVE that room by Elle.

The Wattson Family said...

You crack me up. Great idea though. I might just get one myself:)