Saturday, August 23, 2008

Twiggy & Coral

I've always adored coral chandeliers (I plan on having one top our dinning room table someday)..and while lustfully perusing my future options, I stumbled upon- and instantly fell in love with these twig & coral inspired lamps, which are just as warming to my soul. ..someday, my sweet sweet light fixtures, someday. :)

Found at Moth Design


Ashley said...

I love those! They are so pretty!!!


i know it! and there are sconces and table lamps that match, in case you want to litter your room with them. :)

CIERA said...

Those are so cute, I love those. They are so unique. And I know this is random but they totally remind me of a jewelry holder I saw at Urban Outfitters that I've been dying for. They look "twiggy" just like those lamps. Cute! Sconces and table lamps...I'm going to have to check this out.