Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Food Detectives

So I've been watching quite a bit of the Food Network lately, and a show that I've been enjoying is called "Food Detectives". They take random facts that we've all heard like "gum doesn't digest for 7 years" "turkey at thanksgiving makes you sleepy" ..and they prove or disprove them with scientific proof! So here are some of the facts that I have learned, and am glad to now know.

1. No, gum does not stay in your stomach for 7 years, although it doesn't ever break down, it is still small enough to pass through the intestines.

2. Brain freezes come because of the temperature and mostly speed at which you eat your frozen goodie. If you eat slow, it won't happen.

3. If you put a grape in a microwave it will catch on fire because of it's natural high electrolyte count. Same goes for a solid carrot.

4. Turkey does make you sleepy because of tryptophane.. however, it doesn't do the job on Thanksgiving. Because we eat SO MUCH and such a concentrated amount of carbs, the tryptophane doesn't even have room to work. You get a food coma just from eating so much.

5. Public drinking fountains -ie. found in parks, shopping malls, etc.- are very safe, although the nosel might not be sanitary, the water that comes out is never affected by the germs. Office & home water jug dispensers are another story. Most effect the water, and cause bacteria to grow. Yikes!

..Interesting stuff, I'm learning something new every week!

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