Friday, August 22, 2008


Yes, Halloween is just around the corner, Ashley Veater reminded me of this when speaking of cute halloween decorations. Anyway, I saw a photo of a little weiner dog in one of these, and now we just HAVE to get it for Birdie! So perfect.. aren't they just ADORABLE?!


Erin and Aaron said...

OMGosh!!!!!!!!!!! I TRIED to get Maxwell to dawn one of these and he is such a stubborn little beast; he outright refused. He wouldn't move.

PLEASE PLEASE do this to Birdie and take a million pictures and send them to me. PLEASE!!!

CIERA said...

You just have to get one of those costumes! Thanks for the hair support :) I do like it short too but I'm sick of it. My extension hair is just sitting in my cupboard at work waiting to get put in, haha, so we'll see how it looks, eek! And we totally need to get together! I only have a frew friends here, I need to get out!

Ashley said...

You have to get that costume for sure, it's awesome!!! I wish I had a cute little dog that I could dress up too! I guess I'll settle for having a cute baby to dress up. :) But someday I'll have a dog too! I love dachsunds!