Sunday, August 17, 2008

Even MORE news!

GUESS WHAT fellow obsessors?! ..ok so Harry Potter's next movie has actually been pushed back from its original release date Thanksgiving weekend to now being released next summer. Bummer right? (well I'm not that into it, so not really) ..however, this is GREAT news because now Twilight is being moved up 3 weeks earlier to Harry Potter's Thanksgiving slot! THAT MEANS I get to see it November 21st instead! YESSS! Life just couldn't get any better right about now. :)

..This is probably my favorite photo yet. :)
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Hoy Family said...

I heard that news today and since I'm a newly obsessed fan it wasn't quite that exciting because I basically just found out that there was even a movie - BUT I'M STILL REALLY EXCITED!

Heather said...

SOOO exciting! My young women told me about this yesterday and I was SUPER excited because now I won't be in labor when the movie comes out!!!! YAYAYAYAY!

Ashley said...

WOW, I will be seeing on Thanksgiving for sure! Bummer about Harry Potter being pushed back though. Wow, that IS a great picture! I hadn't seen it before!