Saturday, August 16, 2008


..nothing but GREAT news that is!
A- Girls camp was way AWESOME! More to come on that.

B- This handsome young man that I love so much was officially accepted into the animation program! WOOHOO!

Love you babe.. you deserve it!


Erin and Aaron said...

oh my gosh!! he did it!! SO exciting! goooooo anddrrewwww!!

Ashley Smith said...

yay!!!! we knew he could do it! tell him congrats!

Holly and Matthew said...

HOORAY!!!!! WE are so excited for you!!! That is awesome news!!! :) I am also happy to hear that Girl's Camp went well. :) It's an awesome time to be away with the girls. :)

Mike and Bianca said...

oh yay! congrats to you guys! thanks for the sweet compliment! You guys will be great parents too when the time comes... :)

Megan said...

Hooray, hooray!! More Utah fun to come! Andrew, you're so great. We knew you'd win in the end. We're glad to know such talented people.