Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tagged By Tone

1- Andrew husband
2- Diet Coke
3- My TV shows
4- The wonderful hot sunshine

1- Bugs & bug bites. Not fun in the body of Arica. I'm quite allergic.. not a pretty picture.
2- Not having an income, resulting in the loss of my savings account due to having to spend it. (let's hope this never happens!)
3- The end of this temporary mortal life.

1- To slowly re-vamp our apartment.
2- To get Andrew registered in his 2 online classes for the summer, and help him finish them.
3- To start a little container garden soon. :)

Current Obsessions
1- Recycling
2- Planet Green channel (I'm seriously going granola or something.)
3- Redecorating

Random Surprising Facts
1- Along with the typical "cherry-knot tongue tie" I can also fold my tongue into a 3 leaved clover. How fabulous.
2- I did cheer. I know, I know.. Pop-warner, JV, Varsity.. the works.
3- I used to keep the funniest journal ever, my sisters read it out loud and laugh for hours, this is one of their favorite pass-times (Abby especially).

Tah dah! Ok...
Ash, Erin, Doretha, Kelsie, and new comer Nikki... Tag! Your it!

Have a good one!


Adam & Tone said...

Haha. I hate doing the tags too, but my one friend gets mad at me when I don't.... So I figured if I have to do it, I'm gonna drag some people down with me. :) And I miss you too...

The Nielsens said...

ah yes. i thoroughly enjoyed this...and due to my lack of internet access i was unable to stay true to your tag until now.