Sunday, April 22, 2012

blogger shmogger.

It's true. I've abandoned this here writing space, and have done so without remorse. 
There are many reasons for this. Let me explain.

A: level of busy-ness. This had increased over the last few months, and I don't even mind. Lots of massages, lots of play dates with babies and their mamas, gym time (or mostly lengthy steam room and shower time), endless errands (really they never end), and LOTS of dog walks (or being towed by Hippo, rather).

TWO: when I have free time, there are many other things I'd rather be doing. IE starting a whole tv series from start to finish on Netflix (a show junkie's CRACK). Or tending to my yard & garden. This is also an addiction. It's amazing that I'm not cussing at our push broom by now, and even more surprising that I still catch myself PULLING it. ITS A PUSH BROOM. I KNOW THIS. Also, I get so much satisfaction out of watching the birds in the feeder, swinging in the hammock, and laying out in our retro loungers to soak up some sun. The large amount of outdoor space is proving to be worth the tiny amount of indoor space. A fair trade, indeed.

THIRD: In way of other time consuming addictions, anyone with a Pinterest and Instagram account also know that they are a very enjoyable place to hang out. We MUST scroll through ALL THE IMAGES!! They're beautiful, and countless, and so so addicting to look at. Furthermore, I find now that I carry a decent camera on my person at all times, I'd rather be snapping visuals of my life, than writing about it. Make sense?

WHOS COUNTING: Most importantly I've been all about LIVING my life lately. Not to say that those who blog, don't. But more reasonably to say that rather than comparing my life to others who write about theirs so well, I'm just really enjoying mine. It's been quite refreshing.

So that said, go enjoy your day. I'm done for now. And for a while, no doubt. 



brittney said...

weeeeeeell I'll just stalk you on facebook then

kylie said...

a couple things...

1. yes, we are so connected via hawaii pals. why don't we connect? too bad SANFRAN is hoursss away. if i come up there, i'm calling you.

2. you have a bully? my dream dog. so jel.

3. you are HOT!

theend :)

sarah savage said...

1. last reason is the best. most of the time i write the least when my life's most exciting!
2. i love that you document your adventures via instagram because you do it so well!
3. are you working as a massage therapist again?

sarah savage said...

oh, and 4. i love your new(ish?) header. :)