Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Work fact: A couple weeks ago a lady was in the store shopping for a sofa, and she told me that it was appropriate that I worked there, because I look Scandinavian. She was very sweet, but don't all of us Euro-American immigrants look mildly Scandinavian? This country was a melting pot once upon a time. Still is I suppose. Regardless, it is definitely appropriate that I work where I do... if for no other reason than I like it.

Here are some pieces (both typical, as well as possibly surprising) that I see every day that make me smile.

Some are on my employee purchase list for the future.
...I'd like to see you guess which ones. (:
I'll give you a hint, there are 4.


 Oh yes. Crappy photo, serious glare, but this is a window display I've set up with our crystal chairs. There were some choice words used while getting them to 'tip & hold' just right.

MOVING ON. On the flip side, we've been exploring more and more. Never a dull moment to be had in such a massive and happening place. A quick visit happened from one of my favorite couples of all time (shout out entered to my Aerin's HERE! I LOVE YOU GUYS!). A trip happened down to Santa Cruz where I was hooked up with a pair of new sweat pants that are oh so comfy, thanks to my man who believes my old pair are not comfies, but 'crusties'. And although we drive to the coast nearly each weekend, I have yet to test the water... I'm still getting my mind wrapped around becoming BFF's with the great whites of Central California.
...I think I'm ready for that relationship.

That's it for now.
Adios muchachos.


Ashley said...

You didn't tell that lady that you ARE mostly scandanavian?...despite the darkness you got from the small portion of native in us. You silly! I have no idea which pieces you want to buy...they're all pretty good if you ask me!

Arica said...

don't worry shmee, i told her. i said.. "why yes i am." miss you!

Emily M. said...

the bed, the eames, the rug, and the tv center (or possibly that leather swing looking chair)?! how did i do? and also, you are pretty rockin! i aspire to be as good as you one day. design comes much more naturally to you than most. post more about your job/life- i am loving it! :)