Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I've been trying out a lot of recipes found on the ever handy pinterest. And man have they been tasty! Although the peaches & creme (or half&half as it were) were completely impromptue, they were definitely pin worthy.
In addition I decided to try out three different recipes for a Sunday dinner party with our friends Ariel, Mike, & Atlas. *A frozen, fresh lemonade, spinach lasagna rolls, & a cucumber salad. And even though our apartment is probably equivalent in size to the cupboard under the stairs that Harry Potter grew up in, our yard did prove to be more than appropriate for hosting said dinner party.

All of the recipes turned out to be delicious, and will be put on repeat soon enough. You can find them here.

My most recent trial was just pulled from the oven. No doubt with the history of quality pins, this one will be just as satisfying.

Happy fooding.


Michelle said...

Looks yummy to me!

Ashley said...

good work! i've tried a few things out myself...mostly dessert stuff, but they are good!

Alex Monroe said...

I'm so glad to see one of my sisters cooking it up! Looks good! I love you. Also "most recent* trial" is what I believe you meant. :) :) :)

Haha, my word verification below is "comer" which means, to eat, in spanish. How appropriate!

ABCollins said...

The food looks delicious! Definitely going to try it out.