Thursday, July 14, 2011


So we just went to Mexico, and it was awesome. I needed a break before getting on the interweb to show you what we've been up to. Anyway, here's our place. Be prepared to feel claustrophobic. It's seriously a cupboard under the stairs, but it'll work for us. It's got privacy (it's a cottage attached to the garage of the main house), a huge yard, laundry, the garage, (half of it is ours for storage.. you know to fit half our things that for sure wouldn't fit inside), and lots of potential. Oh, and a pear tree.

The details are charming. Parquet floors downstairs, and cork wood floors in a beautiful tone upstairs. The stairs themselves add quite a bit of interest to the place, and there's a skylight in the bathroom which also contributes to the list of good things. The superficial things that can be changed out, will be done soon. I plan to sew new drapes ("whaaa, you don't want to keep the high water's that came with the place, Arica?!"), paint our dresser, and bring in some shelving & an island for the kitchen. I've got some awesome small tables I brought back from my parent's house in Mexico that will work flawlessly for a coffee table and end table in the living space. So that's exciting. Also, never mind the hippie couch... It has a destiny that involves new fabric and reupholstering. There are quite a few items to buy when I get back, so I'll be sure to keep you posted on the progress as far as appearances go. Let's face it... it's got a ways to go.

Welcome to our pink trimmed front door.

Welcome to our kitchen/living room.

Welcome to our kitchen during mid-unpack chaos.

Welcome to the bathroom.

Welcome to the cabinet above the toitie.

Welcome to our stairs.

Welcome to the right half of our bedroom.

Say hello to our globe.

Welcome to our deck.

Welcome to our candle lit yard (to be grassed and gardened).

And say hello to Hippo.
Who loves the rug & the cute floor (he does, he told me).

Aside from that, the dogs are funny, doing well, love traveling, and like to bark & pee lots.



hi, i'm brooke! said...

what a fun little start-out place arica! i love it! you are so adorable.

Emily M. said...

oh i'm in love! a) you are beautiful. love that pic of you- and you are also black now! AND love your shirt. b) this place DOES have potential and you are so going to bring it to it's HIGHEST potential... cause, basically, you are amazing at that. i am way excited to see as you fix it up! have fun!!

ps. cute hippo :)

Kristy Rohrer said...

Cute place! I'm excited to see what you do with it!

sarah said...

good deal!! love the floors, love the globe, and i even love that pink-trimmed door! ok, nix that last one... but yes, potential! i'm most excited to see how you're gonna reupholster that sofa! it looks like it's got beautiful bones!

etta said...

I didn't know you had a blog- I actually love your place. Its so fun to make places like that your own, and it has a ton of potential and charm- promise I think it does:)

Erin said...

you know, i almost prefer tiny spaces to HUGE ones. They are more cozy and quaint. Def has potential. And that backyard at night HOLY MOLY!

Lindsay R said...

How fun! Very cute. And I like that it has character. I'm sure you have lots of ideas brewing for the future!

Erin and Dave said...

I love it!! It's going to look amazing when you're done!

Lacey said...

You place looks awesome! And Hippo looks like he loves it too! :)