Thursday, July 7, 2011


I kid you not that top Mexi bag was $3 at a thrift store. High five.
Half Moon Bay. In love with it.

Between moving, road tripping around the west coast, and vacationing with family back home and Mexico to come... our suitcases and time have been packed for the last few weeks and will be for sometime more. Our new place is hilariously small, packed with charm, and has a backyard bigger than the inside square footage. Not to mention, we have a redwood tree the size of a skyscraper! We love the area and can't wait to take it all in. Oh.. and you know, the beach is only 20 minutes away. GORGEOUS, freezing, and totally my new spot to hang out. Seeing downtown when we drove in took my breath away, so I know this is going to be good. So for now, I'm just getting my R&R on in my happy place of good ol' San Diego.

It's a lot to take in, but it's all worth it.
Not loving the cold I've gotten from all of the chaos..
But I'm loving every minute of this!

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Kara Shurtliff said...

Yay! That's so exciting. I'm happy for you!