Saturday, April 30, 2011

saltwater room.

The Saltwater Room is one of my most favorite songs by Owl City. Although you may only know a single or two from the radio, I'll vouch that he is definitely purchase worthy. That said.. this board was inspired while listening to this goodness...

"With your ear to a seashell you can hear the waves, in underwater caves, as if you actually were inside a saltwater room. ...time together is just never quite enough
, when you and I are alone I've never felt so at home."

1. Groundworks fabric 2. CB2 vase 3. Stylehive ring 4. Jocelyn Warner wallpaper
5. Anthropologie swimsuit 6. West Elm tumblers 7. Tozai decor 8. Bentwood bench

Listen for yourself:


Rachel Wattson said...

how do you find all this stuff?? Your inspiration boards are great but really, where do you find it all?

jenna marie said...

That ring is rad. Yep, I just said rad. And the pretty bentwood bench is one of my personal favs.

Arica said...

@rachel i have store catalogs, and their websites that i browse fairly often, i also pull stuff from companies we carry at work, and sometimes i just goggle. (: the labels are placed below so you can look the items up if you like them. (:
@jenna its a favorite of mine as well! i will purchase one when my puppy no longer eats wood. haha. i just love the 'whale tale' effect so so much!

[olive ewe] said...

love this mood board! you are so creative & talented :) how's the pup doing?!