Saturday, April 16, 2011


You know. There was a moment when I was about to go gung-ho on our apartment and replace all of the items that I had not loved.. you know, initial wedding registry gifts, quick fixes, items that were needed and the lowest cost was the only concern. And I didn't do it. I'm actually glad I didn't. Whaa? I'll explain.
Well, in the last 4 years I have learned not only my style, but we actually now have NEED to replace some of these things. More specifically, 98% of the reason for making the change NOW has to do with Hippo and his mouth. Yes, his crazy cute wrinkly face has wreaked havoc on a few select items. The other end is also guilty of doing some damage. I'm glad I didn't make the switch a few months ago when I had the itch, because luckily the items needing replacing are the ones Hippo has decided to add his 'character' to. Namely the media cabinet, the bedroom drapes, and kitchen rug. The other items have just been on my list anyway.


1. I have some beautiful linen fabric I've been saving for drapes. I've been waiting for a sewing machine, and am glad I have. Otherwise they would have been peed on and played with. Drapes make great toys for a crazy puppy. Our current drapes are ugly and were purchased just to fill the need. We have surprisingly tall windows and a really LONG window in our room and I just needed whatever I could find so long as there were 4 panels of the same style and height. Hippo likes to chew, twirl, and pee on them.. and I don't blame him. I'd pee on them myself if I didn't know if was a naughty thing to do. I'll probably be able to make these linen drapes when we move which will work out well because we'll hopefully be done with puppy teething and potty training. Can't wait.
2. This item is non-Hippo related, but you have known I've had the itch for this clock forEVER. See here. Best news was that I found out who produced it, and thanks to Walls it will be mine very soon!!
3. Hippo is not a couch chewer, thank goodness (we don't own the ones we're using currently), but he DOES shed. This item has ALSO been on my list for some time. The West Elm Baxter sectional is one of my favorites. You know it's worth buying if you haven't forgotten your love for it in well over a year's time. Also, I feel pretty strongly that it is worth investing some money into a fairly neutral sofa if you know you're paying for quality that will last. The fabric is a faux suede in their "saddle" herringbone colorway. I have a swatch and it's darling in person. That and the nice thing is that it hides the dog hair so well! I've tested out both Hippo and Bird's hair (even though she doesn't shed) on my swatches, and that is ultimately how I decided on the fabric. West Elm is kind to offer free swatches to anyone who is considering their furniture.
4. This is the inspiration for my painting. It's the panoramic I've mentioned before that Andrew is working on for me for our living room. It's a view of 2nd point at Scorpion Bay from the palapas. The saturation is perfect. It reminds me of the hot Mexican sun (Arrested Development anyone?), and makes me want a Sangria from the Cantina. (: The view from this shot is honestly one of my most favorites in the world. I cannot wait for that canvas to be hung.
5. This will be one of the best replacements. Our media center right now is one of Hippo's favorite chew toys. It's wood. Big no no. The bottom right corner is gnawed off, with bite marks along the middle shelf. And a chewed vhs player to boot. It was never my favorite piece. It's finish is a cherry color, which is not my style of wood, so the destroyed factor luckily does not make me upset. I've eyed the Ikea consoles for some time now, and have figured this one to be the best. First, it's METAL.. this is a much less attractive material to our chew happy fat man. Second, it has no open shelves! Also good for the biting pup. And third, it's low and long... my kind of console.
6. This is actually just a really fun Lee Jofa fabric I've fallen in love with recently. It would make for great additional pillows in my living room. Marrying my native american patterns to my industrial, coastal, modern taste. The triangles are actually a metallic silver! Cool stuff.

Most, if not all, of these things will happen 'post move' to wherever it is the wind takes us. Doesn't make much sense to invest in furniture while Hippo is still so young and chew happy. Also, knowing that it will probably get dinged up in the move and require a bigger truck no less adds to this decision. Waiting a few more months is a wise choice.



Andrew said...

This is a great list of stuff we need to do. I can't wait to move so we can get started on it. Love you.

Andrew said...

Also, Hippo is wrinkly fat man isn't he... haha.

Emily M. said...

jealous. obsessed. can't wait to see pictures. (hint hint) also loving andrew's comments. i miss you two! enjoy your school free days! (yes, i am most likely going to comment on all of your posts..)