Friday, April 15, 2011

main man.

My Andrew Boyfriend Husband Lover is one talented man. Seriously. What he does boggles my brain. Not only does he have to be a very knowledgeable realism artist, but a crazy technical one too. Here's his latest demo reel.

He's so awesome. He's got more stuff on his blog here.
This semester, and his Bachelor degree are wrapping up fast. Finals are this next week (he only has a couple), and the job interviews continue. This has meant many rushed meals to get him fed QUICK, a lack of date time over the last couple months, many hectic deadlines, lots of 3/6am'ers for the poor boy, and many nights going to sleep alone for me.

Something tells me post-college life will be a breeze for us.
Can't wait.


Lissy said...

Very cool! Hope he lands a sweet job! :)

Rachel Wattson said...

AMAZING! Hope he lands what he wants because he has some real talent. I'll root for Disney or Pixar for you just so you can come back to CA :)