Friday, March 11, 2011


Wishing I could paddle out right now for a surf at sunset...


Since the tsunami was a false alarm on the west coast I wouldn't have any need to worry about being gobbled up. (Sincere heartfelt sadness and prayers for Japan) Surprisingly the nice weather here is making me really homesick for the water right now. When it's nice here, I know it's only PERFECT there. Surprising or not so surprising, either way I wish I was hitting up Warm Water's tonight, or Terramar, or who knows maybe an unusual trek all the way down to Scripps. I just wanna get wet and leave with some sand in the truck, and salty hair for the day after.

..soon enough.

Moving back will be a dream come true.
*Prayers for Japan.

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Tisha said...

I hear ya. On beautiful days all I want to do is be at the beach. Oh well. haha :)