Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the real deal.

I've decided to share a board with you today that'll warm things up a bit. And it's actually one of things I OWN AND LOVE rather than things I only dream of. A real life recommendation rather than empty lusting. (:

1. Lollia Breathe hand creme- So I live in Utah. The driest state EVER. I've never really had a need to 'moisturize.' My body does a really good job at staying ..how do I say, oily enough? Ha. Anyway, my hands though this winter have been taking a beating more so than ever. So what did I do? Invest in the BEST creme of my life! This would have been nice to have for all the years I've been massaging previously. I usually just dab a bit of oil into my palms after my shift, but this would have been divine! That plus the fact that I am currently washing my hands a million times a day. I have a puppy, I clean up pee, I wash my hands. And now I MOISTURIZE! With the best smelling, best LOOKING, creme out there. Worth all the pennies. (:

2 & 3. She & Him albums- I've been bouncing around with my music genre's a lot lately, but this purchase I made a little while ago has still proven to be a worthy investment when my mood is calling for a little Zooey Deschanel.

4. Bath & Body Works orange ginger aromatherapy oil- This is a bitter sweet item for me. Sweet because I'm obsessed! It's the best smelling aroma I've ever used both in a treatment as well as in my diffuser at home. I first learned of it when I traded services and got a facial from my friend Shiloh.. she used this oil and it made all the difference for me. It's pretty much the definition of yummy. The bitterness because they don't make it anymore... and I'm literally down to my last drop. If you can find me some, we'll be BFF's! PLEASE!

5. Baker's twine- I just love this stuff. Packaging, decoration, kicking bad habits (which I must admit I am not currently text-driving sober.. eek!). You name it.. it's just so cute & handy!

6. Toms natural canvas shoes- I almost showcase a pair of Toms on nearly every board simply because I'll preach them from the mountain tops! I only have 2 pairs, but they are my most favorite things! (next to my Rainbow's of course, but those don't get much use up here sadly). My natural canvas' are so comfortable and versatile with so many outfits. Toms will change your life.

And of course a shot of one of my all time favorite plants..
A bougainvillea bush.
Reminds me of home, warmer days, color, and of course SUMMER.

Ahhh, happiness.
What are some of your current loves?


I Live For It said...

I love ur list!!! Thanks for sharing!
So happy I stumbled on your blog, it's fantastic! Following you now. ;)

I Live For It

Xx. Jewls and Liza

cryskay said...

i am a hand cream freak. i carry 3 different hand creams in my purse and am definitely going to try yours. xo

Kirsten Krason said...

I love Baker's twine. Great recommendations!