Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Rome. Roam.. which ever. Ideally I'd be roaming in Rome right now, so both. I just watched Eat.Pray.Love. and had a decent idea of what to expect, however what I wasn't expecting was to have 2 of my top 5 places to see sometime in my life, to be a huge part of the movie (obviously I haven't read the book, but I should). Italy, and Bali (although I'd be content with the Eastern islands/Indo in general).

So on the blog, 'Endless Summer' continues via my mood board. Lets all pretend we're sitting in that summery-tangerine round chair, sipping a cool italian soda, under the warm breeze and Tuscan sun, with a good book. You down?

Ahh.. feeling better already. (:


Lindsay Chapman said...

i wanna see that movie. did you redbox it or something?

Lacey said...

I love that book! I haven't seen the movie yet though, but I've heard its good! I swear that book is like my life's dream. Food? Travel? Yoga? Sign me up!
And I loooove your blog layout. Its always super cute! I should pay you to design me a layout!