Tuesday, October 12, 2010

isometric drawings.

Since I'm getting really good at doing tons of homework and zero blogging.. why not combine the two again!? Here was my last big assignment (not HUGE, but big and fun enough to share).

I'm taking perspective drawing to learn how to convey ideas to clients. We started out drawing in isometric, or... drawings with 3-Dimensions. It's essentially the best way to show all 3 planes of an object. Don't worry, there's a butt load of math involved, which isn't my favorite, but wasn't tooo bad. Lots of scaling, angling, and whatnot.. but regardless, I actually really enjoyed it! Aside from the fact that my teacher is pretty intimidating, I've learned that so far I really love drawing! (:

So here they are, with the images that I used as reference..

Inspiration: via Southern Living..

Drawing: My iso rendered in pen..

Inspiration: via ArhZine..

Drawing: My iso rendered in pen..

Now.. to learn how to color render! I love coloring & I love markers, so this should be a killer good time.

Mom asked if Andrew helped me.. but I'm proud to say no he did not! Artist boyfriend let me go for it, and he's pretty proud of his wifey. We're merging worlds and it's fun to talk about the common ground. (: Granted, I can't paint a HUGE scene scape in photoshop, or build intense virtual models, and my artwork isn't in temple/church stained glass windows ((which reminds me, I need to take a picture of the Christ window that went up in American Fork at the Presbyterian church that Andrew designed.. it'll blow your mind)) ...but hey, at least we can talk about different ways to shade things. Haha.


e and d said...

a-freaking-mazing!!! nice job arica! those look awesome. i was just telling lauren that i kind of like perspective drawings. they are not the most fun to do, but afterwards you feel like an artist! haha! my class ends on thurs so you can look forward to a post featuring my perspective drawings. i'm definitely not as good as you with the whole shading thing, but hey-- one day right? :) nice job!

Kelsey and Riley said...

daaang girl! those look awesome. i'm way impressed and now also super intimidated for one day when i take that class again. haha. you are great.