Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Bears.

I just found these on Andrew's phone from our little trip to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, and thought I'd share. Sometimes I worry our future children will have complexes because their parents are total goobs.

Ok I take that back.
We're pretty awesome.

Our kids will love the fact that we're super down with skateboarding in the house. I told Andrew when he buys me a house, he gets a huge fatty family room/garage to build mini ramps and rails for our own real life fantasy factory (I believe I've talked about this before). I mean, I want distressed hardwood and concrete floors anyway, so might as well let the fam enjoy it. Andrew got to do it growing up and I loved that about his upbringing. Our kids also get pillow fights galore, buttercups (don't ask), and sock bomb wars. Hopefully once we've bribed them with all the 'rad parental moves,' they'll freely forgive us for embarrassing them with our weird ways.

Then we can be a family of crazy bears together. Hopefully without head lice.
We're glad we didn't get any from those costumes.


Amber Irene said...

I'm Pretty sure you're children will love your goobiness. After all, if their parents are cute goobers, they have a chance to be cute goobers too. Lucky if you ask me.

Kelsey and Riley said...

hahaha these pictures made my day. um, and your home will rock. love it all.