Monday, September 20, 2010


There is no longer any confusion whatsoever as to of WHY my allergies are acting SO HEINOUS as of late. Makes perfect sense now. But, in other news, do you see the small numbers at the bottom? Stoked. I'll blow my itchy nose all day if the forecast will look like that for me! Shoots.

Are you over my endless summer rants? Well, I'm not.. sorry. (:


flexMD said...

I am sitting at home all day like a fountain thinking its so weird that my asthma is out of whack and my eyes are red and my nose is a raw fountain of love...

now I know.
hope you feel better girlie.

If you need a bed buddy come over here and watch ferris bueller with me.. xoox

flexMD said...

that comment made no sense but you get my point.

Val Murphy said...

Oh allergies...gotta hate them! That is one thing I LOVED about California, I don't think I took an allergy pill there the whole back home and we've been going through the zyrtec like crazy!