Sunday, September 26, 2010


Remember that one time college consumed my every free moment not devoted to new fabulous seasons of television shows? Oh yeah.. that's my life right now. Speaking of which, I've been reading so much about Egypt, Greece, & Rome.. that I'm pretty sure I'm going to start regurgitating columns. Yes... the ones that hold up buildings. The thing that has been most fun so far this semester is gray scale rendering. I also want to thank Autodesk, the wonderful makers of AutoCAD, for saving my life from hand drafting floor plans/elevations/sections.. etc.

CAD, we're just getting to know each other, and I know you probably laugh at the things I sketch up on your xyz axis' (pitiful I know, compared to what some engineers do with you), but regardless, I'm excited to get to know you..

A sample of what's been going on so far.
This is the floor plan and the north elevation of a kitchen I'm working on, gray scaled. It's "Kylee's Cottage Kitchen." It's slightly boring to look at, but very tedious to actually create. I would tell you all about the finishes that would be in the space as well as show you the real color scheme.. but I'm too lazy.

PS. Don't laugh at me. I'm new.

Now pretend I didn't just show you those..
Bashfulness aside, I'm really enjoying this side of the design process! Selecting finishes is my favorite, but who doesn't love coloring & seeing what you imagine in your mind come to life? Dually noted is seeing that what comes out is NOT what you imagined or aspired for at all.. Haha. I love when that happens. Well either way, it's a fun time.. ...intense, but fun.

Alright, I'll get back to my 6 chapters of the Book of Mormon that I have to read now for institute (I totally think that's legal Sunday homework, if you don't you can fight me!).

Happy Sunday!
(Is it even really Sunday anymore at 11pm? Curious.)

..or rather, hope your Sunday was happy!


Michelle said...

Why wouldn't you run the brick section on the wall all the way up to the cabinets? Sooo much easier to clean that way. Just a thought, love it...all the new class stuff!

Arica said...

true on the clean factor with the tumbled marble tiles, but not the look the client was goin for. (: thanks ma!

Ashley said...

i loove them...i love all your sketches in the whole world!


please design my house someday

Abby Monroe said...

i second ashley's comment! please :)

Kelsey and Riley said...

your kitchen was marvelous!! and your rendering skills rock.