Saturday, September 4, 2010


Don't go.

If you turn around and leave me in like a week... SO HELP ME, I'll miss you like crazy for a whole year! --goodness knows you don't show up until July as of late-- Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person living in Utah that doesn't really care for Fall.. but she's just not as wonderful as you are! "Yeah but, she's got all sorts of pretty leaves!" know what I say to that? I'll take every shade of green on my leaves over orange and firey-fart colors any day! Granted.. those colors are pretty. I've digressed..

Dang, I definitely didn't get enough of you this time around, so hopefully you'll stick around indefinitely. I don't care if weather people and politicians freak out, GLOBAL WARM IT UP!!

I declare endless summer. Andrew and I want to move to Hawaii for this movement to be real for us. ..seriously debating it (well, I am at least, ha).

So in celebration of the best season ever, here are some nautical things I'd love to buy and wear for the next 8-10 months, assuming my plea meets reality of course.

1. Ella Moss 2. UO 3. J.Crew
(via CostalLiving)
4&5. Toms

Mrs. Dyer & I should start a petition of some sort to make this official. Or, this post IS the petition, and you can sign in a 'comment.' Do it. Pledge your agreeance! Or maybe I could turn into the "Blue Witch" or maybe a "Green Witch" in Narnia.. and make it Summer, but never Labor Day (Narnia clarification: the white witch makes it winter, but never Christmas). I'd prefer to be called the Blue or Green Mermaid if that's the case. That sounds better.

Summer, I love you.
And that's all I have to say.

Love, you're biggest fan-

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flexMD said...

Dear magical blue/green mermaid,

YES. this is my signature. SUMMER (or at least SD weather) FOREVER!

maybe we should just move to Hawaii like everyone else.. haha!