Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Jimmy Eat World's new album releases on September 28th and I CANNOT WAIT!! They are my all time favorite band, my sister Ash's as well, and we were just taking about how we thought they were due for a new album, and datahdah DAH... INVENTED!

Oh my gosh, I just pre-ordered it on iTunes, and I am so excited!!

Side note: they're not touring to Salt Lake with this one (total bummer), but they will be in Los Angeles at the Wiltern Theatre on September 29th. So Ash, and other San Diegan JEW fans... get your tickets now and make the trek! It's SOO worth it! You can buy the tickets here. They are AWESOME live. Awesome.

My cup runneth over.

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Kelsey and Riley said...

love love love jimmy. they are so incredible live. i would go again and again and again. and i have. too bad they're not coming to UT this time around! can't wait for the new album!!